Goldsmiths students and staff. One week. Who can you trust? Spysmiths is an interactive, on-campus game of espionage.

Register before the end of Saturday 3 February 2018

On Monday 5 February you will receive a mark which you must kill by whispering their three-word kill phrase to them so noone else hears. Be careful though, because someone is also out to get you.

Enrollment has now ended.


What is Spysmiths?
Spysmiths is a one week game of 'assassin' for Goldsmiths students and staff members. Being computing students, we've built a system so you can play it over text.
Are there any no-go zones?
No lectures/seminars/labs, no play in the library, and no play in toilets.
What if I need to go off campus?
That's cool, but please don't go off campus for more than 48 consecutive hours. If you have to be off campus for more than 48 hours, please text 'leave' to +447481342356.
Can I use Messenger/texts/calls to get someone out?
Nope, must be in person and vocal or through a note, and ideally so your target is the only one who hears/sees. The more people that hears/sees, the more likely that your cover is blown
Is there a Code of Conduct?
Yes - don't harass, stalk, or otherwise be a creep to others. This is a game, please treat it as such. If someone is being uncool, please get in touch and let us know.
What if my target refuses to acknowledge their death?
That's not cool - this is all some light hearted fun, but it relies on people following the rules. If this has genuinely happened, contact us.
I lost my killphrase or mark details
Please text 'me' to +447481342356
I want out
Please text 'leave' to +447481342356
You going to use my phone number for anything dodgy?
Nope - just Spysmiths. After it's over, we'll delete it from our records.